• We have several of the most popular candles and wax melt scents. My wife
    and daughters love them! Especially this time of year. Hands down they
    are far better than the big candles and waxes that you find elsewhere.
    These burn without toxins and last so so much longer than competitors.
    I'm a guy and I love the smell of the house when Dee J's candles and
    waxes are lit. Can't believe I didn't know about these until recently.
    You can literally smell the difference and don't have to
    worry about what's being released into the air. AND - they aren't
    overly powerful or too strong, and they don't give me a headache like
    the 1000's of other candles and melts we've used in our 23 year
    marriage. Highly recommend.

    Barry (Original post from Facebook)

  • Amen to these products!

    Susan (original post from Facebook)

  • I love mine!! My car smells amazing!!

    Debbie (Original post from Facebook)

  • If you know me, you know I love a good candle. The sweetest couple from Hemphill were next to me last weekend selling these. This is seriously the best candle I have ever burned. I am posting though because of the room spray. I have so many scentsy sprays that are now going to be orphaned. I sprayed just a few spritz in my laundry room before I left for work yesterday to test the strength and could still smell it when I got home. Worth every penny! Go check out their products.

    SprayTanning by Rianna (original post from Facebook)

  • Wonderful smelling candles and waxes!!! Veronica (Original post from Facebook)